I grew up in family of fish lovers and flyfisherman—of which I am only the lover. I never learned the fine art of flyfishing when a spinning rod is my choice but certainly understand its appeal and allure (pun intended). In the mandala above 8 radiant red and green brook trout with red bellies and 8 red, brown, white and green Patriot brook trout dry flies are displayed on a diamond mosaic green background in this flyfisherman’s trout catch nature mandala.

As a member of the salmon family of fish, trout live a slow cruising life. You might even say they are “chill” until you have the thrill of one on the end of your line. And then the fight is on. But what lure do you have on the end of your line to lure the fish? There is definitely an art and science to fly tying. In all likelihood you will try to fool the trout with an artificial “fly,” a fishing lure made in combinations of fine wrapped thread, colored yarn, animal hair, bird feathers, rubber pieces and other synthetics all tied in unique and time tested ways to a small sharp single treble hook. The making of a “successful” fly must follow recognized patterns that mimic the very prey that the specific trout would like to eat at that specific moment. Bring this brook trout beauty home and visit phelpsmandala.com for other trout species many more nature inspired fish images.