A good friend and neighbor maintains a beautiful secret garden of plants and flowers. He shared with me a patch of delicate Japanese iris’ blossoming in his front yard on Friday. Iris japonica has light green leaves and flat flowers with dainty and fancy frilly petals nature-painted in faint pastel purple and blue tones. It is also known as fringed iris and butterfly flower. 3 robust ovoid petals also known as sepals have radiant orange and yellow markings on a white background surrounded by purple spots. 3 slender tepals or standards are tinted in pink and purple on white. While not an exact representation of this delightful flower but presented with the personal decorative care I add to all of my nature subjects celebrating Mother Nature, I hope she approves. Visit phelpsmandala.com for a special eco-trip into my lush gardens, green forests, and calm waters filled with animals and plants in circular and panel images found in multiple collections celebrating biodiversity in over 1500 artworks. Always my best!