As a medical and scientific illustrator of 43+ years I am charged with telling stories with accuracy and observed detail. As long as I can remember I have been fascinated with minimalism and ornamentation. The art I produce currently in mandalas and panels is less centered on strict realism and more about interpretation and a celebration of nature as I find it and think about it. And it is joyful for me; how wonderful if you find joy in it as well! The 2 butterflies pictured in this panel are orchard swallowtails, Papilio aegeus, that are muted gray and white with black veins and yellow crescent edged wings with red and blue hind wing eyespots that are flying with flowing wave airstreams in this beautiful butterfly ROTATABLE nature panel. Exhibiting the same color combinations as their cousins the orchard swallowtail, Papilio aegeus, lacks teardrop shaped tail extensions and is found in Eastern Australia and New Guinea. What is unique about this butterfly image is that it is ROTATABLE and can be printed and displayed horizontally or vertically depending on your personal choice of location to decorate your favorite spaces. They can be faithfully printed up to 4 feet long (some even larger-mural size). Each can also be found wrapping around coffee mugs and decorating a few home goods. Three other versions with colored backgrounds are available: brown, blue, and light gray with a red sun. Continue to explore my website for over 1300 images that tell nature tales (whether they have tails or not) Always my best and thank you for kind support.