I continue to push the artistic boundaries of my sometimes barren always hopeful bountiful brain. I am not always sure where my focused artistic intent will take me and am always open to the mystery path that is serendipity. In those moments of indecision and exploration, I believe it is important to embrace authenticity and revel in a sense of joy in the process of making our own art, art that visualizes playful childhood memories, and makes us whole.

The ornamental and decorative Chiva artform celebrates the lives of the people of South America, specifically Colombia in the form of art on rural bus transportation provided to its people for the last 90 years. Chiva artwork is characterized by circles, lines and a variety of geometric shapes and used in the depictions of animals and plants in bright colors and outlines.

Two images emerged this weekend based on a common theme. “Chiva Life Tree (above) and “Chiva Bird Tree” (below) were created in tandem as soon as I uncovered a little gem of an idea. Then for sure the fun began and hours just melted away in the process of creating.

Since childhood I have had a fondness for not only nature but all decorative design–I too celebrate and embrace the Chiva artform, in over 40 examples, along with that of Native American, other indigenous cultures and the art of hot rod flame painting all found in many of my nature inspired mandala and rectangular images that can be found in multiple collections here on my website phelpsmandala.com. Wander with wonder in nature and make art your own! Always my best, Tim