I have been on a curious and wonderful nature journey for most of my life—it came into focus sharp 10 years ago when I began exploring mandalas.

During the day I am charged with bringing other peoples research, educational concepts, and pursuits to life by being a visual editor and storyteller. As a seasoned medical and scientific illustrator I must be faithful to anatomy and science and be as exact as I can within prescribed parameters. It is engrained in my DNA.

Then there was the Ah-HA moment. This same honed story telling approach from my professional life can be concentrated into my personal nature narratives in the creation of my circular mandalas and rectangular nature panels as I tell my stories and share my visions and interpretations of the variety of life forms on our earth bringing attention to the beauty found in Mother Nature’s bounty in my art as greetings from biodiversity. She constantly sends us messages and we as a species should listen.

During my flurry-filled creative acts I let the art process and wandering thought lead me down unplanned and serendipitous paths— IT is a wonderful experience! And isn’t that why we all make art—-in those focused moments to uncover our own truths, and, to make meaningful images and tell vivid stories to others with shared JOY for all? I wish EACH of you an exciting and fulfilling journey along your individual creative, defining, and soulful paths seeking and sharing what speaks to you. I know you will find what you are looking for and others will look and listen. I send my very best!