When I was a young boy my family took a summer vacation to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, my late father’s favorite place. One afternoon my father and I walked along the sea wall drinking chocolate milkshakes (made with vanilla ice cream also my father’s favorite). I found a Styrofoam cup and a long piece of stiff wire and was convinced I could catch little crabs down below us in the water. The laws of plastic and physics and the intelligence of my intended nature targets made this activity virtually impossible. It was a short-lived endeavor but continues as long lasting love for all animals small and large.

It is nighttime under a colorful moon and within the swirl of multiple jungle ferns in this tropical setting we find 6 brightly colored purple, magenta, and orange crabs with large outstretched claws, and protruding inquiring glowing eyes on thin stalks as they skitter about on their 8 legs surveying the underbrush looking for visitors like you.

This image is part of a 10-year project of nature mandalas and nature panels I have been creating telling tales of nature’s magnificent beauty through its majestic and minute inhabitants living in multiple and varied habitats painted in vivid colors and shapes. Wander with wonder in nature and please visit my shop for many more engaging and family friendly images as nature mandalas and nature panels and share the stories that children and adults all will enjoy found in my blog.