While I am not planning on dismissing the mandala circular form, I am thinking beyond the sphere and thinking outside and inside the box. Mandalas can be thought of as artwork in the round and being symmetrical the same creative visual is accessible from many angles.

Recently I have been creating long rectangle “ROTATABLE” panels utilizing the same inspired symmetrical thinking around displaying my nature subjects. Rotatable means that my nature panels can be printed and viewed as a horizontal image or a vertical one depending on the exhibit space desired to present as a unique piece of wall art to decorate your home or office. The choice is yours for the favored space you would like them to occupy. My mandala images are faithfully printable up to 4 x 4 feet for display and my new nature panels can stretch mural-like up to 6 feet (some even longer) with no loss of resolution and would be perfect for a child’s room and nursery. They are also perfect for exhibiting in nature centers, classrooms, and natural history museums to bring attention to the importance of nature conservancy and instilling an appreciation of nature’s biodiversity for all ages. Finally, as part of a growing series of illustrated family friendly animal and plant collections of nature prints, you can also find these images wrapping around coffee mugs.

To find my rotatable nature panels use the collection tab with this title ‘Long Decorative Nature Panel Images’ where you will find currently 29 nature panels available with subjects that include multiple beautiful butterflies and elegant silkmoths, lovely ladybugs, cool koi, and seashore seashells and other nature subjects. This hummingbird print can be found here too. No doubt–more decorative panels are sure to follow!

I appreciate your interest in my nature art and hope that it inspires you to discover all that Mother Nature provides in whatever form it takes. Wander with Wonder in Nature—all my best!