The term “biodiversity” refers to the variation of plants and animals, the genetic information found in each, and the varied habitats and ecosystems in which the plants and animals live, all of which have been shaped by evolutionary processes. Although we often think of biodiversity on a worldwide scale, we can appreciate biodiversity intimately in our own backyard gardens, on hikes, and in our travels. We can wonder at its seemingly unlimited variety of forms, from the very simple to the highly complex, and experience biodiversity by glorious sight, sound, touch, and smell. It is important to understand the inner woven significance of the sensory, often invisible and misunderstood, tapestry of nature, and humankind’s intertwined critical role in nurturing nature and allowing biodiversity to flourish for generations to come.

Titled “Eyes on Nature” this full color nature print is a celebration of biodiversity and a call to conservancy. 42 animals are displayed with their colorful eyes or wing eyespots only in a compelling mosaic patchwork. The following are represented: cardinal, mandarinfish, buckeye butterfly, great grey owl, bullfrog, leopard plecostomus, red eyed cicada, barred owl, peacock feather, filefish, peacock butterfly, saw-whet owl, red eyed tree frog, porcupinefish, poison dart frog, sugar glider, pileated woodpecker, fire newt, burrowing owl, moon moth, sparrow hawk, butterfly fish, male wood duck, green grasshopper, Halloween pennant dragonfly, cardinalfish, panther chameleon, great horned owl, North Atlantic puffin, tarpon, screech owl, red chiva plecostomus, chambered nautilus, reticulated gecko, blue jay, yellow trunkfish, octopus, oak silkmoth, Eastern Box turtle, Polyphemus moth, bald eagle, and little brown bat.

This nature art print brings all of these splendid organisms together in an alert and call for urgent conservancy. Embrace the great outdoors and all that lives there and behold all that you see while you wander with wonder in nature. Visit my shop and you will find more beautiful nature images and multiple nature mandalas that showcase each of the named species above.