Here is the BUZZ–To celebrate the emergence of the 17 year red eyed cicada Brood X 2021 I partnered with the Natural History Society of Maryland and provided two images commemorating this nature event in May here in Baltimore.  I am donating a portion of my proceeds of print sales to the society and have also allowed them to use the images on notecards and buttons for their visitors. Exploring & Preserving Maryland’s Natural Treasures since 1929, the Natural History Society of Maryland (NHSM), is home to collections dating back to the 1800’s whose natural history spans over 500 million years. It is a hub for scientific research and discovery, a proving ground for the next generation of naturalists, and a playground for all who are driven by curiosity. It’s a welcoming and inclusive organization where the lines between world class scientists, amateurs, enthusiasts and those just dipping their feet into the natural world are erased forming just one community of the curious. Whether you visit just once to see some collections or attend an event like Shark Fest or World Turtle Day, take a class, or go on a field trip, become a member of the organization and help support the care of the collections, join one of our clubs to take a deeper dive, or volunteer your time, your brain will thank you and what you see with your eyes, hear with your ears, and feel on your skin will have new meaning, one infused with the wonders of the natural world. For more information:

I hope you will consider purchasing prints to benefit the society and of course for your love of CICADAS! 3 varieties are available the one above and 2 other versions of Brood X can also be found in my shop. I have a swarm of other cicadas and of course lots of other cool bugs there as well! Wander with wonder in nature whether you have wings or not and try not to make too much noise, All the best!