You ask about confidence—-I think all artists have moments of doubt–whether the art is going where we want it to go and whether we feel we are competent enough to get it to a satisfying and accomplished end point. We always compare ourselves to others.

I have always felt that a person must consider their limitations–and I am speaking now of me. There are certain things in art I cannot do and will probably never know how to do without years of further intense study. I gravitate to the things that I have carried with me since youth and have developed skills and intense interests in. I could never compete with my students–you included because of my prior training. I never really learned or was trained in oil painting. I do not draw the figure particularly well. I love pen and ink but still see such skill in others who do it better. I hope I interpret nature in an artistic and authentic way—because of great interest and joy for it. I am not embarrassed to say that I love flowers and butterflies and have gardens of Hosta and Dayllies I joyfully tend to annually.

I guess what I am saying is to embrace what you love and to learn new skills as your temperament and patience will allow and stop making comparisons because it is often apples to oranges. Lately for me it is in the process that excites me—-when I am creating an animal or plant art asset I have a rough idea where I hope it will go but I am also open to what unfolds and what path it may take me and the infinite discoveries along the way—the serendipity and happy accidents! I often stop and start the process and let it incubate. I am always looking for the JOY-Factor! Then the mandala stage comes and I see lots of possibilities and story telling. Shapes and relationships emerge and lead me down more paths and different directions–with many more happy accidents And as the FIXX tell us –“One thing leads to another!.”

You will find this print and many others with beautiful butterflies, moths and flowers in my shop. The colors in my images glow on metal and acrylic prints. Wander with wonder!