In my long art career I have been a chameleon of sorts able to change colors and spots to suit my situation and interests: medical art, flame painting, visual puns, and nature mandalas. And like chameleons with a prehensile tail I tend to hold on to things with a passion for the long haul. My eyes are also independently mobile looking near and far at the same time while staying in the moment for the things that bring me fun and joy. So I offer this next mandala as homage to all things “Chameleon.” Here’s to looking at each of you (and look closely at this mandala because the chameleons’ eyes are watching you and everything around them too).

Panther chameleons of Madagascar, Furcifer pardalis, are known for the ability to change their patterns and colors to blend in with their surroundings. Dominant colors like red and green are tied also to their individual geographic locations. Their prehensile tails allow them to snatch onto and hang from branches as if they had a 3rd hind foot. Their mobile eyes swivel independently allowing chameleons see their entire surroundings all at once. Prints of this mandala are available in my shop.